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Every year, the entire world of technology and everyone in it waits in anticipation for September to see the reveal of Apple’s latest iPhone in the company’s annual event. This year’s event was held via a live stream, which you can watch on YouTube, due to the coronavirus outbreak that the world is still suffering from.

Apple fans all over the world were both surprised and disappointed when Apple’s annual event for 2020 did not include the announcement of the new iPhone 12 as expected.

Seeing that the iPhone is the most anticipated product of all Apple’s creations, not including it in the announcement event was a shock for all those who have been waiting to see what the most innovative smartphone creators in the market have to offer this year.


 Why was not the iPhone 12 announced on time? 

The main reason behind delaying the announcement and release of the iPhone 12 has to do with the same reason behind the Apple event being a live stream this year which is the COVID-19 lockdown.

Apple CEO stated that since many customers who wanted to upgrade their iPhones had already purchased the iPhone SE 2020 earlier this year and, with the uncertainty of the world’s economy at the moment, people in lockdown are unlikely to buy a flagship anyway.

Another reason for moving back the announcement of the iPhone 12 a few weeks is that, with many Apple stores closed as per the lockdown in many locations in the US, it made sense that the iPhone 12’s release is pushed back.

Hopefully, later in October, the lockdown circumstances are better so that the Apple stores are back in business and we get to see what Apple has to present in its flagship for 2020!


 When is the iPhone 12 going to be announced? 

When thinking about it, it was really a smart move on Apple’s part to move the announcement and release of the iPhone 12 for a few weeks. Although many people were disappointed, no one would have wanted to see one of the largest players in the market losing upon releasing a long-awaited flagship smartphone.

A loss would have been inevitable if Apple had released an expensive phone within a few months of releasing a more affordable version.

With such difficult times economically, people certainly need more time to decide to buy an expensive iPhone. Also, being out and about is a strong factor in deciding to buy the iPhone 12. No one would want to buy a new iPhone when they are locked inside their homes with virtually nothing to do with such an expensive device.


The good news here is that the iPhone 12 is going to be released when the circumstances are more suitable for the new iPhone to be properly received and achieve good numbers. All we have to do now is wait for a few more weeks to get the latest and most awaited iPhone!



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